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Agenda at a Glance

  • Session 1: Spotlighting on Latest Offshore Development Plans in Mexico
  • Session 2: Changing in Global Oil & Gas Market: Impact on Mexico Offshore E&P
  • Session3: Navigating Offshore Regulatory Frameworks and Engagement Strategies
  • Session4: Enhancing Local Supports and Community Engagement
  • Session 5: Offshore Projects in Mexico: Progress and Prospects
  • Session 6: Innovative & Digital Offshore Technologies to Stimulate Hydrocarbons Productions

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Hot Topics Why Attend
  • Navigating National Development Plan under AMLO: Energy Policy and Future Auctions
  • Review of Mexico Upstream Reserves, Contracts and Productions
  • Pemex’s Offshore Development Plan towards Production Increase
  • Dynamics of Global Oil & Gas Suppliers and Consumers: Threat or Opportunity for Mexico Offshore Investors?
  • Upstream Financing Plan to Maximize Local Production
  • Current National Content Requirements and Measures in Mexico
  • Updates on Offshore Projects in Mexico: Progress and Prospects
  • Showcasing Innovative & Digital Offshore Technologies to Stimulate Local Production
  • The timeliest offshore event to gain offshore engagement opportunity under AMLO
  • Gain first hand information on Mexico upstream development plan and regulations
  • Contributing financing and commercialization strategies for planned offshore projects in Mexico
  • Trackling new offshore discoveries in Mexican GOM
  • Spotlighting on progress and discoveries of shallow water & Deepwater projects in Mexico
  • Unlimited Networking Opportunities with Local Communities, including government, regulators, operators and supply chain players

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Gulf of Mexico is an exploring hot spot for international offshore players. Mexico acts as an emerging market in the region, attracting more attention. OMC will focus on the latest policy and strategy in the country, ongoing projects and upcoming deepwater bidding in Round One, learning technology and project management from the excellent projects around Gulf of Mexico. The event brochure will show you the details including presentations speakers and topics, sponsor packages, etc.

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